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Scientific solutions that optimize your time, money, & energy.

HMS Technical Development's overarching mission extends beyond just our corporate success— we aspire to make the world a better place which is facilitated by helping our clients achieve their goals. This commitment is manifested through our dedication to promoting STEM education, actively contributing to environmental restoration efforts, and consistently striving to leave a positive impact on the world around us.

​Customized Product Development

Creating products with personalized formulations to ensure optimal performance.


Innovative suite of solutions designed to fortify and preserve your business assets.

Synergistic Evaluation & Solutions

​Ordering & Logistics Management

A thorough examination of compatibility and rigorous field testing of technologies.

Specializing in strategic procurement in asset alignment.

Pipetting Samples
Custom product development
and testing to suit your needs.
We provide technical consulting services, specialized product manufacturing, testing, product development and research and development.
Reclamation and revegetation 
per bond closure requirements.
We have a unique blend of expert knowledge in bond closure requirements with technical expertise in comprehensive environmental remediation.  If you have previously experienced limited success, contact us for your personalized solution.

Why Choose HMS Technical Development

At HMS specialize in developing and implementing customized solutions. Our experience and resources take the headache out of pairing compatible technologies and environmental resolutions for your needs. Let us help you keep your business running at optimum efficiency, while meeting your regulatory requirements and deadlines. We develop and implement scientific solutions that optimize your time, money, and energy.

High Quality Services 

Leadership Scientific Excellence

Creative Scientific

Experienced Advisor Services

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