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We meticulously assess the interplay

of components

within a project.

HMS Technical synergistic evaluation

Synergistic Evaluationand Solutions

Beyond merely providing engineering solutions, our approach involves a thorough examination of compatibility and rigorous field testing of technologies. We meticulously assess the interplay of components within a project, taking into account factors such as heat profiles, chemical makeup, budget constraints, environmental requirements, material compatibility, and other customer specifications. Moreover, we ensure that the solutions meet regulatory standards.


An exemplary showcase of our methodology lies in our work:

Dust Suppressant for Silica Sand

Our customer required a dust suppressant for silica sand with a multitude of specifications, including being bio-based, meeting temperature exposure requirements, ensuring chemical compatibility, possessing specific flow characteristics, exhibiting no negative impact on transfer and storage, avoiding the creation of a sheen on water for barge loading, and all within a specified budget. We successfully formulated a solution that met each requirement seamlessly.

Land Reclamation with Iron Pyrite Exposure

Faced with a large area of iron pyrite exposed during road construction excavation, our team developed a solution to encapsulate the area, reducing air and water exposure and binding contaminants. Considering geological aspects and material testing, we created a slurry coating that reacted with, encapsulated, sealed, and revegetated the area. This not only prevented acidic contaminants from entering drinking water supplies but also positively impacted wildlife in local streams, with the solution still proving effective 15 years later.  

This technology is applicable to mining land reclamation to include tailings remediation, revegetation and bond closure.  We consult on failed reclamation efforts and offer creative solutions from soil remediation to full scale encapsulation.

In essence, our process begins with identifying the need and meticulously building a solution that not only addresses the immediate requirements but also stands the test of time.

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